Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hi-Tech eating

Hi Friends,
Here we are, another month or so gone by since my last posting and I have a couple new things to report. First off elections are done - Whether your side won or lost it's a definite "Yay" just from the point of no more robo calls all day long. Maybe you don't get them when you work all day but if you are home sick it seemed like they were coming in constantly.

On the health side of things I am now feeding myself with a pump. Instead of a drip feed where we rely on gravity and guesstimates to determine the amount of food I am getting the pump can be programmed to give me a precise number of cc's of food over a certain amount of time. The advantage to this is that I am no longer guessing at how much or how fast I am eating, I can be more precise in my food intake. I should have gone to this long ago but stubborn old me didn't think it was neccessary but I was wrong - what a difference! Now I know exactly how much food I have eaten and can control how much more I want to to eat. Unfortunately the insurance company does not pay for the pump rental (which is highly stupid!) but so far I have found it worth every penny we pay out. Now it is a matter of me establishing some baselines and then building up from there. Less guesswork - I like that! With any luck in a month or so I should be reporting higher caloric intakes and still less illness. That's the plan anyway!

So I'm keeping today's update short and sweet. Please issue prayers for hopes that the pump helps me to find my way forward when it comes to my eating expostion. You have all been a tremendous help to me and i hate to keep asking for more help but isn't that what friends are for?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and blessings to all of you.