Friday, July 17, 2009

Chattanooga Trip

Hi all!
Well, I would rate last weekend's trip to Chattanooga as a success - we had a really good time. The travel itself took a lot out of me but we allowed enough time for rest in between events that I did pretty well all weekend. For the record - I did not set off the airport scanners, they must not scan for titanium.

Friday night we attended a minor-league baseball game, the Chattanooga Lookouts against the Huntsville Stars (the Stars are a Brewers affiliate) which was literally right next door to our hotel. Unfortunately the sun was still so intense that I only lasted 2 innings before I had to get out of the heat. We salvaged a little entertainment later that night when the game was over and they shot off fireworks. Our hotel room balcony faced the stadium and we enjoyed a good show right from our room.

Saturday we relaxed all day until the evening birthday party which was a very cool family event. They held it after hours at the Children's Discovery Museum so there were a lot of activities for both adults and kids. We had the run of the museum so the kids (and kids at heart)could investigate all the displays which had everything from a dinosaur dig to a build-it-yourself slot car station. There was an improv comedy show for both adults and kids which was very entertaining and a DJ spun music for dancing. Tom & Lisa did a great job and they had a huge turnout - probably over 150 people. Tom even tracked down a wheelchair for me so I could make my way around the museum. Well done guys!

Sunday we slept in then spent the afternoon hanging out at Tom's house with his family. It was great to sit on his big 'ol porch and listen to his family banter back and forth. Jessie and I enjoyed spending some time with the his big family, we had a lot of fun! After that we had room service dinner at the hotel then headed home on Monday.

As I said the travel itself took its toll on me. We were late catching our connecting flight Monday and had lots of walking at the Atlanta airport before we found someone to give us assistance with a wheelchair. That one event left my legs sore and heavy for most of the week, but I've gotten most of the feeling back now.

So now to answer the most common question I hear - "How ya feeling?"
There is not a lot of change day to day. I continue to have the Nexavar side effects. Dry, peeling skin, thinning hair, fatigue, stomach issues, and blood pressure issues. The mouth sores seem to have stabilized and am eating a little better but I still have a ways to go - I'm down to a svelte 180 lbs and need to stabilize it there. Unusual for me to have to cram in extra calories! The side pain from the surgery has not changed much, I have 2 weeks until I visit the surgeon again and I am hoping it subsides by that time. Then maybe I can get out of this back brace! The legs and hips continue to be tired and sore, especially after a lot of activity.

Once again - I appreciate you checking up on me. I hope you are having a great summer!

Be Well - Be Blessed

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