Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One procedure up - One shot down

Hi Everyone,
Well - let's get you an update on what's happening in the exciting world of Ken's health. I had my monthly follow up with the oncologist last week. Not much to report as he was happy with the way things have been going. We talked about getting back on the Nexavar ASAP but he wanted to get a good scan before I went back on it. So he set up a PET scan for me which was to happen tomorrow except there is a snag because my insurance company has it under "medical review" and has not authorized it yet. This company seems to have a problem with PET's because I ran into this same problem the last time I had one, which was over 2 years ago in Chicago. I'm not sure why the doc wanted a PET instead of the CT scans that I normally get but maybe it is because I complained a lot about the pain in my hips. In case you are not familiar with a PET scan it is basically a step up from a CT scan. It shows not only the tumors but also shows the activity of those tumors. You are injected with a radioactive isotope, then sit for about an hour while the injection works through your system. After that the procedure you are scanned in a machine very much like a CT scanner except the isotope shows activity because it is attracted to sugar. Tumors use a lot of sugar so this is a good marker to shop where there are active tumors. If you understand it after that explanation you are smarter than me!

Also scheduled for tomorrow is my next esophageal dilation (throat stretch). That has not been cancelled and I am looking forward to getting that done. Since the first one I have had very few problems so I will be sure to ask about their estimate on when I can start eating or drinking again. The only issue I have had is it seems I am coughing up more "thick gunk" than normal and occasionally it is bloody or has blood streaks in it. I was told that this is normal as long as it does not become excessive. I'm REALLY REALLY getting tired of looking at all the good food around me and having to pass it by. Jessica and I have gone to a few movies in the past few weeks and I miss the popcorn. I know it's bad for me but SO WHAT. Anyway - I'll try to keep the whining to a minimum. I look forward to seeing more progress on my strictured throat tomorrow - little by little we will get there.

I'll catch you up after this procedure. Keep moving forward!

Be Well - Be Blessed!

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