Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Comfortable Stay

Hi y'all,
Today was brachytherapy part 1 and things went pretty much as planned. I was in surgery by 7:30 where they got the catheter placed, I had 2 treatments today and now am waiting for my 3rd and final treatment tomorrow morning.

As I sit in bed right now I have about two feet of plastic tube hanging out of my nose which they have wrapped around my face and taped down. I am quite a sight to behold! If I was still single I'm sure the ladies would be lining up to meet me. Yeah ...... sure. More important than how I look is how I feel, which is best described as uncomfortable. This thing hanging out of my nose is stiff and pulls which makes it a little painful. But I only have to live with it overnight so I can deal with it.

I'm being fed right now. I kind of like the setup here, it's similar to an IV pump where they hang a container of food, run the line through the pump and attach it to my feeding tube. Then I just wait for it to pump in the required amount, I don't have to hold on to anything so I have both hands free to type out this blog entry for you! Pretty handy but I don't think I will buy a pump for home. They are slower than just using good old gravity but here in the hospital I don't have to rush to get anything done.

The plan is for me to get my final treatment tomorrow at 8:00 am and then hopefully be released quickly so I can head home. Thanks for checking in on me - I'll be back in touch as soon as I can.

Be Well - Be Blessed!

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  1. So,let's play golf now that you are comfortable. You just don't want to lose money. Cheapskate. Miss you and Jess. Hey Jess: thanks for taking care of him. As my Italian Algebra man NJ high school teacher used to say: ya done good.