Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hi Friends,

Yes, it certainly has been a long time since you heard from me. I won't offer any apologies, just suffice it to say it has been a rough couple months. The last time we talked I told you I was still struggling with the nausea issue. Well guess what? I still am. If my hair wasn't thinning horribly already I'd be ripping it out in frustration. I have been kind of a cranky guy lately and not a lot of fun to be around.

I want to say thanks for the notes, cards, calls, and other contacts that you guys have sent over the past couple months. It's nice to know that even when I have been out of touch you are still thinking of me and praying for me. So a giant THANK YOU is well deserved.

Over the last several weeks I have tried different foods, different ways of "eating", and different medications to make myself more comfortable but unfortunately have not hit upon the magic potion that helps me tolerate the feedings easily. I wish I could tell you here that I have had some big breakthrough but the truth is we are still floundering. I did meet with the docs again today and there are more tricks up their sleeves yet. It's too soon to tell any details of what we plan to try but suffice it to say we haven't given up. This has been one long, winding, frustrating road we have been on. We've been dealing with this since Spring! Occasionally we find a drug that helps with the nausea but then proves to have other non-desirable side effects like sleep issues or making my formerly sharp brain foggy. So we keep trying and we will continue to do so. I appreciate all the support you guys send my way!

On the non-medical side of life I don't have a lot to report on either. I've been keeping a low profile since I never know when I'll get sick after eating. If I do get sick it usually washes me out for the rest of the day which makes for a lousy day. One big thing is that Jessica and I cancelled our trip to the ThyCa Conference in Dallas this weekend. I just am in no condition to tolerate 2 days of travel and 3 days of seminars, meetings, and dinners. It was a hard decision as we have made some great friends the last couple years at this event but there is no point in being sick 1200 miles from home when you can be sick in your own bed. The good part is we didn't lose any money on the cancellations, just some airline points which I am overstocked on right now anyway.

So in summary I just want to again say thank you for the support you give to Jessica and I. I will attempt to post more frequently, especially if we can find some good news in this latest pile of changes we are going to attempt. God Bless you all

Be Well - Be Blessed!



  1. Thanks for the update Ken. God bless you.

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