Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hi, this is Jessica, Ken's wife.

I am still so sad when I have to say, "Ken passed away on November 6th., 2010". Family and friends know this, of course. But, I wanted to write a final page in the blog for anyone else who was following it and wondered why it just stopped.

Ken and I were at home when he died. He would want you to know that he did not suffer and he was where he wanted to be for the end.
I would like to thank every one of you for following Ken's blog. It meant so much to him that you read it and wanted to know how he was doing. Although Ken's attitude and spirit was almost always good, the blog was one of the things that helped him get through some of the tough times.

Also, an extra "Thank You" to everybody at ThyCa (Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association, Inc.) for their support and friendship. It was a priceless gift.

Ken and I always had hope that he would get better.
It wasn't meant to be. We had faith, too.
And now, that faith is what helps me live each day without him.
I miss you Sweetie!! XOX

Be Well - Be Blessed


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