Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lung Problems Round 2 or 3 or 4.....!

Here I am, back at my second home, the west wing of Froedtert Hospital. Are you ready for the story? I was scheduled for a CT scan of my chest Tuesday so that the oncologist and radiation oncologist could follow up on locating the bleeding tumor. But of course the best plans humans make are always supplanted by some the plan God has for us. After we had arrived at home I was preparing my delicious lunch of Ensure Plus when the phone rang. We can always tell when someone from the hospital is calling because it shows the area code and then all zeroes across the caller ID. Sure enough - It was a nurse from the lung surgeon's office telling me that the CT scan showed my left lung was over 40% collapsed. Oh happy day. "What does this mean? What causes this? Was it the tumor" I asked. "Are you short of brenath? Do you have any pain in your chest"? She queried. After answering each others prelimimary questions I asked the big one - "What now?"

We all know the answer to that one, don't we? Get your butt back to the hospital so we can check it out. I said "OK, Thursday looks good for me". After a brief chuckle the nurse replied "No, no, no. You need to come NOW. This is not something you can put off until it is convenient". Somehow I knew that would be her answer. "How many days is this latest vacation I won?" I asked the poor girl. I got the standard "1 or 2 days" response so I decided I should plan on 3 or 4 days. After a little more discussion I agreed I would be there within a few hours and she would notify the team to prepare for me.

On the ride in to the hospital we encountered a large traffic jam from an accident so Jess and I had plenty of time to speculate on what caused this latest crisis and of course came up with no answers.

Next episode - Popping the air leak!

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