Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well my beloved Badger hockey team got smoked in the championship game Saturday night, actually they got smoked in the 3rd period. I'm not a professional hockey analyst but something sure changed in a hurry, it went from a tightly contested fast paced game to a blowout. Anyway, since I am one of very few people I know who actually care about hockey I'll quit talking about it. Except for one thing - the Stanley Cup playoffs start this week - Go Red Wings!

I took my tire patches off, it's amazing that they had covered an area almost a square foot with 4 of these large patches but when they came off I had a small area that I now have covered with 2 inch square piece of gauze. There is still a stitch or 2 holding me closed that have to come out in the next day or 2.

We had a busy weekend - actually Saturday I didn't do much but Jessica took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent time in her gardens just weeding and cleaning them up. I think she needed a little time on her own in the fresh air, she really enjoys her gardening time. When I am in the hospital it is really hard on her having to run back and forth every day. I get crabby if I am alone too much so she spends most of the day with me and then things that need her attention at home tend to get put off. I'm the patient but she has it as hard or harder than I do. So anyway we went to mass on Saturday night then relaxed at home that night. Sunday my wonderful brother-in-law Dave came over and finished up a plumbing project he had started a while ago for us. He put in a return line that relies on heat and gravity to cycle hot water from the far end of the house. So now we have hot water at the shower in seconds instead of minutes. Before this upgrade I would turn on the shower before shaving because it took so long for the hot water to reach that end of the house. Now it's almost instantaneous! Thanks Dave!
Later that afternoon Pete (Jessica's son) came over for dinner but first we went next door to my neighbor Paul's to play slot cars on his track. He built a replica of Road America in his basement which was very fun to play on. Thanks to you also Paul!

So on Monday I was pretty sore. I was up and down the stairs a lot when Dave was here which is hard on my hips, then I was on my feet a lot at Paul's. So I paid for my fun but it was well worth it - I'd do it again next week if I had to.

I'm still waiting for an answer from my team of docs as to what the next step is going to be. Most of them were on vacation last week so I assume they have a pile of stuff to catch up on this week. I both called and e-mailed a reminder to them - I realize I am not their only patient, just their most important one! Doesn't hurt to be the squeaky wheel sometimes.

That's it for now - nothing else going on until I hear more from the docs. I'll probably be back to you later in the week or over first part of next week.

Be Well - Be Blessed!

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