Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lots O' Tests

Hey Friends!
This week I had a couple full days of tests in preparation for my doc appointment next week. My back pain has not eased at all and they want to find the source. Last post I told you about the MRI that the doc wanted of my full spine. I finally had that test on Thursday and it was just as bad as I expected, I was in the MRI tube for 3 hours! I will say that the nurse they had helping me with pain and sedation did a great job helping me get through it. She made a big difference! The Thursday MRI was followed by lab tests and CT scans on Friday, so when I see the doc on Tuesday they should certainly have enough views of my insides to work with. I'll let you know what I learn, I certainly need to find some relief from this back pain. I'm sucking down pain meds like they are candy, which gives me other problems like drowsiness.

What else have I been up to? Well I have been in search of a new hobby since golf seems to be out of the question for a while. I think I may have found something in RC (Radio Control) aircraft. I have purchased an airplane and a helicopter so far. My neighbor Paul is really into this hobby and has been helping me out with flight lessons and advice. I'm lucky to have a large backyard and a farmer’s field behind that so I have room to fly without leaving the yard. Getting the technique down has been tougher than I thought, I have a lot more learning to do. Fortunately these aircraft are relatively easy to repair because I have proven to be a crash specialist. Last week I parked the plane in a tree (in my defense it was pretty windy) and yesterday I did the same thing with the helicopter. Paul was gracious enough to fix the plane and I glued the copter back together. Just like the automotive business there is a big market for replacement and aftermarket parts. I went gaga in a hobby store the other day looking at all the goodies. I'll keep you up to date on what I learn as I go along here. If you are interested in seeing someone who knows what they are doing Paul posts a lot of videos on You Tube that you can check out. Look for postings by pdiddy21154.

I am facing another challenge that is proving to be tough - I am working hard to keep weight on. (ok all you ladies can stop rolling your eyes and wishing you were me). Most of my adult life I have been overweight to the tune of 20-50 lbs. Not today! I'm weighing in at about 170 (that's 77 kg for my European fans.). Jessica is working hard to keep me eating and make the most out what I eat. She now buys her food and my food. I get whole milk instead of skim, full-fat cottage cheese & yogurt, etc. We met with a dietician at the hospital who gave us a lot of tips and ideas on adding calories and protein to my diet. I need to eat about 6 times a day instead of 3 and keep adding calories wherever I can. What a switch from how I have looked at things up until now!

Thanks for looking in on me - I'll be back to you sometime next week!

Be Well - Be Blessed

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