Monday, September 28, 2009

Unexpected Visitors

Hi y'all,
I thought I would share some pictures of visitors we have had at our home the last few days. These are Sandhill Cranes that seem to think they have found a new home. We have seen cranes before in our backyard and in the soybean field behind our yard but now we are seeing them up close. We heard some rapping at the door of our basement walkout, it turned out to be these birds. We are guessing that they are probably pecking at their reflection in the windows. It was very suprising to see these 3 "big birds" standing on our patio. There are 2 males and 1 female who have been hanging around for several days. Our assumption is that they like the soybeans as well as the apples and hawthorne berries that we have in our yard. They are pretty skittish and move away quickly when they detect motion in the house, so getting good pics has been a challenge. You can check out more pictures here These visitors are welcome to stay as long as they want!
Be Well - Be Blessed!

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