Saturday, February 6, 2010

One for Two on appointments

Well the end of the week was not much better than the beginning.
First the good part - the 3rd throat dilatation went well on Thursday.
The only funky part of the procedure is that they didn't give me quite
enough anesthetic and I was more awake than asleep through the
procedure. That was quite interesting! I tried communicating this
fact to them but I had a big fixture in my mouth and couldn't do much
more than moan. I didn't feel any pain but really would have preferred
to be more unconcious. I talked to the nurse afterward and she said
when a patient is on as much pain medication as I am they have to
guess at how much "medicine" (they don't call it anesthesia) to give
them. If they give too much then the patient forgets to breathe, which
of course is a bad thing. Anyway, it wasn't a terrible thing for me,
just a suprise! So now my throat has been stretched to a full
12mm. I have to schedule that swallow study next - let's hope for good
results there!

Friday I was scheduled for my PET scan. I was feeling pretty rotten
when I woke up Friday, on top of the usual pain I had some severe
stomach issues. I decided to go anyway, as I really wanted to get
this done. We got to the hospital, I had some blood drawn in the lab
and we headed down to the radiology area, making a couple restroom
stops on the way. After talking to the technician about the procedure
I found out they really need me to sit and lay quietly for 1.5 - 2
hours. Since I had to use the restroom again while she was explaining
all this I decided that there was no way I could do it at that time.
If I can't lay still then they can't get a good scan and that would
just waste everybody's time. Plus I don't want to have to try to get
approval from the insurance company for a rescan! Kind of a bummer
since we made the effort to be there but I also want it done right.
So we rescheduled for next week, and headed home. I climbed into bed
(after using the bathroom again) and slept for a couple hours. Then I
got up and moved to my chair in the living room where I slept another
couple hours. Quite a non-productive day! I do feel better today

I found out I have one more person to apologize to for missing the
blessing of the throats on Wednesday. Jessie's good friend Annie also
made the effort to join me and found me absent. Sorry Annie!

Super Sunday tomorrow! We are going to enjoy it at home with Pete,
brother Jerry and his wife Terry coming over. Unfortunately I will
not be able to enjoy Terry's chicken chili or any of the other goodies
during the game! Being a sentimental sap I am pulling for New Orleans
in this one. Hu Dat nation deserves a super bowl win after 40 years of
mediocrity. I think back to the Packers of my youth and realize we
"only" had 20 years of pain before Ron Wolf came to our rescue. Can
you imagine going through that for 40 years? Ouch!
Most importantly we should hope for a good game, no blowouts like too
many of these games have been. Whatever you are doing enjoy your
Super Sunday, be smart and safe if you are driving.

Talk to you again next week.
Be Well - Be Blessed!

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