Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tough week so far

So far this week has not gone as well as I would have liked.

First off - pain. I know I ranted about this and I promise not to be a
constant whiner but this week has been bad. Mornings have always been
hell on my hips lately and this week instead of just a few hours in
the morning it's been bad all day. Hard to sit, stand, walk, even
think, which I will verify with this example. I ended the last post by
inviting you to come join me and have your throat blessed tonight. Any
guesses who forgot about it? Yep - yours truly! I got reminded when
I received a phone call saying "guess where I am and you're not" from
my office manager who had brought her whole family to support me. Such
a dolt I am some days! I hope that no more of you showed up. If you
did I am truly sorry. And once more to Mary Beth and her family I
sincerely apologize.

Next issue - I started the Nexavar on Monday morning. Quite
interestingly within 8 hours my thighs had turned a bright red in the
areas that I had radiation. That's not long for a side effect to
happen. More importantly the next morning I started coughing up blood
again. Since the throat dilatations started I've been coughing up a
lot of thick phlegm which they told me is normal but Tuesday morning
it was mixed with a lot of blood. Then I had an "Ahah!" moment. The
people at the GI lab, who do my throat work always ask if I have taken
anything that thins my blood, even as gentle as ibuprofen. Well what
do you think Nexavar does? So after a couple phone calls and the
doctors consulting with each other it was decided I should hold off a
little longer on the Nexavar until my throat dilations are done. I
still have a little blood so I'm just hoping that it does not delay
round 3 of throat work tomorrow. I guess this incident is one of the
risks when you're going through multiple health events at the same
time. I always ask questions when I think something may be an issue
but even though I know Nexavar is a blood thinner it never even dawned
on me to question restarting it.

So anyway tonight I will say a prayer that the end of the week goes a
little better than the beginning has. I'm hoping the PET scan on
Friday shows some reason for the hip pain and the cause can be
addressed. I won't get those results until next week but I will let
you know what I learn.

Until then
Be Well - Be Blessed!

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