Friday, February 26, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Well - after a day of pretty good news on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday have kicked my butt.

I went for my first radiation treatment Thursday, expecting only "minor issues" as that is what I was told at the setup conference. The treatment went fine but less than 2 hours later I was vomiting my breakfast. I honestly did not know if it was from the treatment or if I had picked up a bug but I continued to decline the rest of the day and overnight with extreme nausea and sweats. Friday morning Jess called the nurse for me and they prescribed a funky melt-in-your-mouth nausea medicine. Its a small pill that you lay on your tongue and wait for it to melt. (its always a challenge now to find medication that goes through the G-tube, Pepto isn't going to work!) Jessie was nice enough to run to Walgreens right away to pick it up and it helped immediately, but I continued to feel very weak from 18 hours of nausea and sweats.

Friday I went for treatment #2 and then we spent time talking to the nurse. I wasn't completely dehydrated so they gave me the option of IV fluids but I decided to just try getting back on a regimen at home. Tonight I was able to take some water in, along with my pain meds, and 1 can of "food". That's the first calories I have had since Thursday morning, which I lost most of anyway.

My plan for this weekend is to continue to build up my nourishment and water so that I can start treatments Monday from a position of strength. I'll be down for a while I expect but at least I won't get caught by suprise at the side effects. No driving for a while yet though!

Thanks for all the positive notes regarding my news earlier this week.
As always.....

Be Well - Be Blessed!

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  1. You are so nice. I would have punched someone in the nose by now.