Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Day in Boston

Here we are, the Monday after the conference and we are still busy.
Sunday we finished things off by listening to a few more presentations
which were interesting. The weather was so crappy (if you watched the
Patriot game you know what I am talking about) that a lot of people
left the conference early because they were afraid of travel problems.
Unfortunate for them because Sunday's program was just as good as the
other days.

I was tired as all get out so we laid low the rest of the day and
evening, grabbing a quick dinner in the hotel. Early to bed!

Today our friend Kathy picked us up and she and Charley combined to
take us for a driving tour of Boston and the northern coast. I am so
thankful that they did that. There is not a straight road in the
area. If we had rented a car we would have been lost a dozen times
over, even though I have a built-in GPS system in my head. Very
scenic area. We will have to come back some time when I am healthier
and have more time.

Tonight will be similar to last night - lay low, eat light, and go to
bed early. Tomorrow we fly home.

We'll talk again soon, all you guys who complained about me not
updating my blog be sure to compliment me now!

Luv ya all.

Be Well - Be Blessed

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