Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ready for Conference

Thought I would give you a quick update since I have a little time. I
heard the final word from the doc today that they will not attempt
radiation treatments. He reviewed the films of my prior treatments and
it confirmed his decision. I made an appointment with the nuclear
medicine department for next week to discuss the radiopharmaceutical
treatment. Lots of questions to ask there. And as I said last time I
will be meeting with the surgeon at the end of the month to discuss
that option. One more option is to seek a 2nd opinion on the radiation
- I just have to find someone I trust to give me one.

Arrived in Boston tonight, the weather here is a carbon copy of the
weather we left, cold and rainy. My friend Charley was kind enough to
pick us up at the airport and deliver us to our hotel. His wife Kathy
even put together a "goodie bag" of snacks and information about the
Boston area! How incredibly thoughtful! We are getting together for
dinner tomorrow night with them and hope to do some touring Sunday.
Charley owns several accessory stores and has been a wonderful mentor
of mine for many years. He was instrumental in getting me involved in
the SEMA trade association and correctly told me "you will get far
more out of it than you ever put into it". A true class gentleman.

Big day tomorrow - better hit the hay and be ready for it.

Be Well - Be Blessed

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