Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday's Conference Highlights

Another great day at the ThyCa conference. We started early listening
to Dr Tuttle, one of the country's leading experts on advanced thyroid
cancer. I think he is half doctor half comedian because he kept us
chuckling while delivering some very important points. Dr Tuttle is
one of those docs that you have to either be REALLY sick or know
somebody to get an appointment, but he gives generously of his time to
ThyCA. His information was quite helpful. The other highlight for me
was being able to talk one-on-one with a nuclear testing specialist.
He literally wrote the book (I have it) on clinical testing for
advanced thyroid cancer. He gave me a couple suggestions to research
on my situation concerning my back. Outstanding! I like having options.

Tonight was the fundraising banquet, and I got a suprise. As we were
walking in the door I was approached by the executive director of
ThyCa who asked me to get up and say a few words about my experience
with the organization and ask people to be generous tonight. WHAT???
You ask me to do this with about 10 minutes to prepare?? I declined
at first but then the old Catholic altar boy guilt settled in and I
told him of course I would. This organization has done so much for me
the least I could do is stand up and stammer in front of 200 people.
It went fine, even though my voice was a little shaky. I told the
story of my birthday party and the generosity of all of you! So
thanks again for your donations and for giving me something to talk

Long night, even though it is still early. I had the first beer
(actually 1/2) since my party in April. I'm off to bed!

Be Well - Be Blessed!

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