Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back in the Hospital Again

Well isn't this a fine kettle-o-fish I got myself into. Here I am -
back in hospital unexpectedly. Monday I had my regular 60 day follow
up scans and bloodwork to see how the fight between my tumors and the
Nexavar is going. I have felt lousy and had a nagging cough for the
last 3-4 weeks so we called ahead and asked if there was some other
test they could run to find the source of the cough. They replied that
the CT of my chest should show them anything and that they would keep
an eye out for my results. Well they were watching close because they
called me before I left the hospital and asked me to come right up to
the office. There the doc told me I have something in my lung which
should not be there. They are pretty sure it is an infected mass but
need to find out for sure. Because I have "compromised" (already have
tumors) lungs they view this as very serious - they wouldn't let me
go home, I was admitted immediately to the hospital. I was so happy.

Of course this mass is in a spot that is not able to be accessed via
needle biopsy so they have to knock me out and cut me open to get a
sample from it. That is scheduled to happen Wednesday morning. In the
meantime today I am having pulmonary function tests and a couple other
teststo keep me busy today.

Today (Tuesday) has been a series of waits and rushes. Jess and I
were hanging out in the room doing nothing for a long time so we
ordered a late lunch. That's when a line seemed to form at the
door. Between doctors, therapists, anesthesiologists, nurses, and
physician assistants we saw about 10 people over the course of about
45 minutes. And then they took me to get another X-Ray. Needless to
say lunch had to wait.

So I'll update you as soon as I am feeling well enough. I appreciate
you keeping up with my plight!

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