Friday, November 27, 2009


Well Thanksgiving day has come and gone. I have so many things and
people in my life to be gratful for that I'm going to save that whole
explanation for a seperate posting. I want to keep you informed of my

I spent all of the day Thursday between my bed and my chair. I was
experiencing quite a bit of pain but the nursing staff did a great job
of helping me keep it under control. I have my little friend, the pain
pump button, and when things get too rough I can hit the button for a
shot of relief. I am also still on the patch that I have been wearing
and taking Tylenol as well. I had a few visitors during the morning
which was very nice but we kept getting interrupted by nurses,
doctors, and techs trying to do their jobs. I guess morning is not the
best time to visit.

I have also been receiving regular breathing treatments to help clear
my lungs and airways of any gook (medical term there). The treatments
are through an inhaler (potheads - think bong) which allows the
medication to reach all the small airways and air sacs in my lungs.
They usually cause me to start coughing up the gook which really makes
me breathe better. I still have the lung drainage tubes in and a lot
of the gook goes out that way as well.

Friday I am scheduled for a swallowing study where they are supposed
to be able to diagnose any problems with the way I swallow. Since they
believe the cause of this whole episode is that I aspirated some food
or liquid this study might help a lot. Anyone who has eaten with me
lately knows that I am prone to coughing and choking while eating.
That makes
It very easy for food to go down the wrong pipe.

Well they have been coming in to start prodding and poking so I'll
sign off. Thanks for staying in touch and I'll be back to you soon.

Be Well - Be Blessed


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