Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm still here in the hospital. It's the middle of the night and I
I would make use of my insomnia time. Who can sleep in a hospital? I
know that I do sleep but to lay down at night and get a solid block of
4 to 6 hours is impossible. Too much noise, too many interuptions, too
many odd smells, even the high-tech air bed seems to fight you.
Anyway it makes for long nights and days.

I have made a little progress the last couple days. They removed one
of my chest tubes Sunday, the 2nd one is still draining so it remains
in. I am also breathing on my own, without the help of additional
oxygen or breathing treatments. I still work at coughing up the gook
but I do it on my own. Plus they removed my catheter! I have never
been anywhere that is so interested in my pee and poop as a hospital!
Funny in one respect but actually very important. Most importantly I
have gained a lot of strength back; I took a long walk with the
therapist today and also have been getting up and moving on my own
quite a bit. I still have a lot of attachments with the tubes and IV's
and all so it makes it hard to move around without helpers. Jessica
has become an expert at helping me!

I have been receiving IV antibiotics almost constantly since I got
here, they have identified one of the infections in my lung but there
is another that they are still working on. I guess it is a lot
different on TV where they can identify this stuff at the snap of your

Monday I am supposed to have a swallowing study where they can somehow
video record how I swallow. (this got delayed from a couple days ago)
From there they can see if there is some defect in my body or in the
way I swallow that causes my problem. I'm sure hoping they find
something to help. I'm also hoping they can remove the other chest
tube as the nurses tell me they see very little drainage happening now.

I hope that tells you enough because it is about all I know other than
grisly details about each of the general things I mentioned. Please
know that I am deeply moved and thankful that you care enough to keep
up with me. Love you all.


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