Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back in the Hospital

Hi y'all,
As Gomer Pyle would say Suprise -Suprise-Suprise! I got slapped back in the hospital today and to be honest I am not exactly pleased. We came in this morning to discuss whether I needed a bronchoscopy to try to find the source of the bleeding I have been having. We decided that yes I needed it so off we went to the procedure room where they did it under the twilight anesthetic. They discovered I have a couple areas in my lungs that are bleeding and they believe that they can cauterize them with a laser. That means they have to have a full fledged surgeon do another bronchoscopy where they put me completely under using general anesthesia. They thought they could get it done today if they admitted me to the hospital so that's what they did. Except of course plan A never works, so 3.5 hours later they decided it couldn't be done today. Now I am locked up here until tomorrow with no promise that I will even be released after the procedure tomorrow, which they say will get done "sometime" tomorrow. Lovely. So I get all the uncomforts of sleeping in a hospital bed with an IV hanging out of me and people bothering me every few hours at night. How cool is that?

I don't understand why I was admitted in the first place and they certainly are disorganized here tonight. 2 different lab draws within 2 hours, nobody can decide if I should be allowed to eat, and then they brought me morphine for pain relief which I am very allergic to. Personally I think they waited until I was under the twilight sedation so I wouldn't put up a fuss about being admitted. I just am completely baffled as to why I am in the hospital instead of in my comfy chair at home resting up for bronchoscopy round 2.

Heard enough of my belly-aching? Sorry, I just have been on a rant since I found out we're not doing anything more today. Be glad you are not my wife! She's had an earful all night!

So anyway I will be back to you to let you know what the results of this procedure are. It will probably be sometime over the weekend. As always, thanks for checking in on me and God bless you


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