Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fishing Expeditions

Good day Folks!
Yesterday (Friday) we trekked once again to Froedtert's GI lab for my fourth throat adventure. This time the purpose was to find the cause of continued bleeding. We had surmised that one or more of the 3 esophogeal dilations had caused some damage that was not healing. Alas, this hypothesis turned out to be incorrect and this trip down esophogeal lane was nothing more than an expedition down the wrong fishing hole. My throat looked good but the doc said he did see some blood pooled in my trachea above the vocal cords. So now what? Good question, I don't know. If you have been following my adventures from the beginning you remember that my writings started in 2007 when I had excessive bleeding from a tumor in my bronchial tube. My current situation has nowhere near the same quantity of blood that I had 3 years ago but my concern is that resuming Sorafenib will cause even more bleeding. What to do, what to do?

At this point I have a few days to stew over what the next step should be. I meet with my oncologist Tuesday and we will discuss it then. My guess would be another expedition down the other fishing hole, my trachea. But we may just start the sorafenib and see what happens. I
have had so many starts and stops with this drug that hate to do that but I'm willing to listen and consider all points of view. The flip side is that I hate to go through another procedure that has limited value. What to do, what to do? I'll be back in touch with you next week.

Thanks for checking in on me.
Be Well - Be Blessed!

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