Saturday, March 27, 2010

Free at Last - Almost

Jessica and I are sitting here in the room waiting for the nurse to come in with my discharge paperwork. The last few hours in the hospital are the most aggravating because you have your official release but have to wait for paperwork from people who seem to not like doing it. But that's just my opinion and you know how much I like being here.

I finally got fed a little last night, about 48 hours since my last "meal" and a full feeding this morning. I have lost 2.2 pounds while here, that is on top of the 6 pounds I lost over the last month. I have talked to the dietician about ways to pump me up again. Not back to the 225lb days but more like 170, which is almost 20 pounds away.

I found out I am scheduled for another radiation consult on Tuesday, I'm getting to be a regular in the radiation oncology department also. When the receptioists greet you by name you know you have spent too much time in that area! Why more radiation? Because they did a biopsy of the lesion they found yesterday and there were cancer cells present. That means we have to knock those cells senseless so that the lesion can't grow back and cause the same problem in a few months. This is a similar process to what I went through in 2007 when I had the major bleeding problem.

You will more from me shortly - they finally got my paperwork done!

Be Well - Be Blessed!


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