Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Done with Radiation

Hi There Friends,
Today was the last of my 10 radiation treatments to my pelvis. Something to celebrate! The pain that I talked about in the last post got gradually better over the weekend and then when I restarted treatments on Monday it reared its ugly head again. So I am hoping that now that I am completely done I will get relief that continues until I can reduce my pain meds again. Let's get off this roller coaster.

I'm waiting to find out the next step, should have an idea in the next few days. The hope is to go back on Sorafenib but I am waiting for word on the bleeding I have had in my throat. Once I know what is going on there we can move forward. It is important for me to get to the next step in prevention soon, as my disease seems to moving forward quickly. I need to be on some form of systemic treatment, as spot treatments aren't going to do it for me anymore.

Also in the last post I mentioned the party I threw last year which prompted 2 requests for pictures from it. I had said at the time that I would try to post photos online but never did. Now that I am using Google's service I can use their photo service. You do not have to register or anything to view them so if you are interested have a look. There are 150 pictures, some are duplicates because I asked several friends to send me theirs. Feel free to relive the evening or see what you missed.

Until next time...
Be Well - Be Blessed!

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