Monday, December 14, 2009

Highs and Lows at Home

So we made it through a full week at home. I've adjusted somewhat to
the tube feedings. It's still a major pain dragging out the syringes
and stuff 4 times a day to "eat" but I guess it's not that much
different than cooking something that often. It's just that I never
ate 4 major meals in a day. It's also the fact that Jessie is now
cooking only for herself. I think everyone would agree that cooking
only for yourself gets old in a hurry, especially when you are used to
cooking for someone else.

Friday we had the Deacon from our church come out and give us
communion. I had inquired about alternatives to getting communion by
mouth. Turns out he has at least one other parishoner with a feeding
tube and they dissolve a piece of the host in water and take it in
through the tube! I never even thought of that but it worked well. I
just have to flush the tube well to make sure nothing clogs it. He
also gave me a Pyx which is a brass container for transporting
consecrated hosts. Now Jessie can go to mass and ask for a host to
bring home for me in the Pyx. We visited with Deacon Greg for over an
hour and had a nice afternoon.

I had a little scare yesterday. I invited my brother over to watch the
Packer game. When he got here I got up out of my chair, walked the 6ft
to open the door and as soon as I opened it for him my head went
spinning and I went down like a sack of potatoes. Cracked my head
against the door pretty good but survived with no major damage. I
dropped too quick for Jerry to reach and help me so I scared the
bejeebers out of him. Since I have been home I had a few dizzy spells
when I stand up but nothing with a delayed reaction like this. I've
had some medication changes and my blood pressure has been lower than
normal so I'll have to talk to the doc about further changes.

Jessica has been a busy little Christmas elf getting ready for the
holiday. We got behind because of my hospital stay and I told her we
didn't need to do anything this year but she wants to have the house
decorated so she has been busy putting up the tree and setting up
stuff inside the house. I of course did nothing outside but I have not
been real diligent about that in recent years anyway. Our neighbors
all do a bang-up job of putting out lights so we just bask in the
results of their hard work. Thanks again to my awesome group of

I've got a couple follow up appointments this week so if anything new
comes up I'll let you know.

Be Well - Be Blessed.


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