Sunday, December 27, 2009

We lost a Good Friend and Man

Jessie and I had so much stuff going on this past week that I have not
had a chance to tell you about the loss of our good friend Dan. I may
have written about Dan before, he has been struggling for a long time
with cancer. A while back he got tired of the constant invasive
treatments and decided he wanted to live out the rest of his life on
his terms. As his health deteriorated he entered a home hospice
program where he could remain at home and have a nurse in to check on
him weekly. He remained under this program until his last few days
when he entered a full time hospice. He passed away last Monday morning.

I got to know Dan and his wife Denise when I met Jessica, they were in-
laws from her first marriage. As is the case in many divorces you keep
some of the in-laws as friends. We all remained friends for the 30
years I knew him.

I'll share one interesting habit Dan had - he collected obituaries.
If it was anyone of local or national recognition he would clip their
obit and keep it in a scrapbook. He had volumes and volumes of them.
Looking through his books you might find John Wayne or Ronald
Reagan or you might find Mister Ed. They were all chronicled in his
books. It made for an interesting visit if you grabbed one of his
books off the shelf when you were there.

Dan was only 60 years old. He served our country in Vietnam and was
retired from the MMSD. He had a strong faith in the will of God and
Jesus Christ. And as sick as he was he always showed concern for me
and my health. If you have been following this blog for a while you
may remember me writing last year about the passing of our niece
Angie. Angie was Dan & Denise's daughter.

Denise has lost her daughter and her husband in just over a year. Both
were way too young to leave this world. Please remember to keep Denise
in your prayers. The celebration of Dan's life will be this Saturday.
We will miss him.

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