Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pre-Holiday Update

I got lazy last week and didn't update you after my doctor visits.
Sorry about that! By now you know that I am at best inconsistent in
my postings but I do try.

Tuesday we met with my oncologist and talked about a number of things.
First off I told him about my lightheadedness and dizzy spells and
asked to be taken off the blood pressure medication. After checking my
pressure several times in the office he agreed that the med was
keeping it too low and took me off of it for now. We also talked about
going back on Nexavar, which is the cancer med responsible for
shrinking or maintaining my existing tumors. I expressed that I wanted
a little time to recover from the hospital stay, maybe put on a little
weight and gain some strength before subjecting myself to the side
effects again. After all, I was under 150lbs when I left the
hospital! I didn't want to start with diarrhea when I didn't have any
more weight to give. Not to mention dealing with the other side
effects before I had even gotten used to feeding myself through the
tube. The doc agreed with me, although he wants me back on it as soon
as I think I am able. We both thought about a month should be ok.

The one thing he would not agree to is me eating anything at all by
mouth. I was hoping to get his blessing to take liquids or even soft
foods once in a while but he shot me down. Actually he said that of
course he couldn't stop me but just know that I am taking a serious
risk every time I do. The infection they found in me was pretty
serious and they don't want me risk another. I reluctantly had to
agree. We finished up by making sure all my meds were either
available in liquid form or talked to the pharmacist about dissolving
them in water. Everything I'm currently on works one way or the other
so for now I'm all set. When I go back on Nexavar there are a few more
we will have to check out. The Nexavar is fine to dissolve but some of
the meds that control the side effects will have to be checked out.

Friday I saw the surgeon who did my lung surgery. After checking out a
fresh chest X-Ray and removing the stitches from my incisions he
pronounced me fit and said he didn't want to see me anymore unless it
was at a party. I liked that-less doctors to visit.

At home I've got my feeding down to a system. The dietician at the
hospital gave me permission to use some of the other readily available
canned supplements like Ensure or some of the other brands. Some of
these have more calories packed in the same amount of liquid so I can
take less volume and get the same amount of nourishment. That helps
prevent the fullness and bloating which has made the whole process
much easier and more comfortable.

So after all that medical talk - are you ready for the holidays? I've
been sitting on my butt watching Jessie working hers off to get things
ready at our place. Sometimes you have to wonder if all this work is
neccessary. But she always makes our holidays wonderful and
comforting. It looks like Christmas Eve will be just Jessie and Peter
and I so it should be a relaxing evening. That's a good thing since I
don't have the stamina to handle a lot of partying this year.
Christmas day will be a little busier but I should get through that ok.

Thanks for checking in with me again. I wish you all a relaxing and
comforting Christmas! Remember to keep the reason for the season in
your celebrations.

Be Well - Be Blessed!


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