Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Excitement at the Pelt House

Well, just when I thought things had settled in and we were ready for
a comfortable Christmas life throws yet another curveball at us.

Last night Jessica started complaining about a stomach ache in the
early evening. She took the standard Tums which normally works for her
and had a light dinner of soup but the pain persisted. Then it got a
lot worse, she was moaning in agony and I felt helpless because
nothing seemed to make her more comfortable. Finally, a little after
midnight, we decided going to the ER was a prudent idea. Since I still
can't drive I called (and woke up) my sister-in-law Terry and asked if
she would drive us. They live only about a mile from us so she was at
the house within 15 minutes and off we went.

And a darn good thing we made that decision. A couple of quick
examinations by the doctors and a CT scan revealed that Jess had
appendicitis. There was an on-call surgeon at the hospital already so
he made arrangements for an operating room and she had surgery within
a couple hours. Fortunately we came in before her appendix had a
chance to burst so the surgery was straightforward and could be done
lapriscopically. The operation went perfectly and as I write this
Wednesday afternoon she is resting comfortably in her hospital bed.
She should be able to go home by tomorrow morning.

No one can say that we haven't had our share of emergencies and
exciting events this year! Christmas will now be even more low key
than we planned. We will have to see how well Jess is feeling before
we determine how much visiting we can do.

Jessica is doing well but please keep her in your prayers as she goes
through the recovery process. I know she will appreciate every
blessing sent her way.

Be Well - Be Blessed!


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