Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Settling In at Home

Hi y'all!
I've been settling in here at home with fits and starts. This
adventure has been a little tougher than u thought. The "food" (I
never know what to call it) I have is extremely rich and full of
fiber. The goal they have given me is to get up to 2 cans of it 4
times a day. I was told that I should be able to get there in a few
days but so far it's not happening. Way too rich way too soon - I got
extremely sick the first time I tried it. So I'm learning little by
little what my body can tolerate as I go along. A full "meal" 4 times
a day is more than I ever ate before any of this. But in order to put
weight back on I'm going to have to up my input. I am getting there
little by little. I know it has only been a few days but my patience
has always been short. I want it all and I want it NOW!! I will get
to my goal soon I am sure.

Not much else new to report. For those of you not from the area we got
slammed with a major snow storm here the last couple days. About a
foot of snow and with lots of wind and drifting. Another opportunity
for me to feel useless since I can't assist with snow removal. I feel
like a schmuck watching my wife go out and do the stuff I should be
doing. But on the positive side it also brought out the best in some
of my friends and neighbors who were all over themselves to help us
out snowblowing, plowing, and shoveling. Thank you all so much for
your help! I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

I'll be back in touch soon.

Be Well - Be Blessed!


  1. It sounds like most of Canada and the US are getting dumped on ... lots of snow everywhere.

  2. Hey Bro,
    Maybe, you can sign up for the biggest gainer contest. Are chocolate malts included??
    We're rootin for you.