Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New development

Well let's cut to the chase. I learned today that the safest way for
me to proceed is to have a stomach feeding tube put in. All of my
nutrition and feeding would come through the tube. All medications as
well would go through the tube.

My swallowing test was a total failure, after just a few attempts they
cancelled the test all together. They were worried about causing more
permanent damage. The theory is that my body was healthy enough up to
this point to free itself of infection but now my body has become
compromised enough that it will not heal itself anymore.

So tomorrow I get the tube put in and then I need to learn how to use
it which might be a day or 2. I am hoping to be home Thursday night.

This is a major lifestyle change for both Jessica and I. So much for
going out to dinner as an event.
In the meantime I willing be working on neck excersises that may allow
me to resume a standard diet over time. That's the theory anyway.

I appreciate the prayers and well-wishes you have all sent my way.
Please say an extra hard prayer for me tonight.

Love U All,


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  1. Ken, The WVU Mountaineers fight song starts like this: fight, fight, fight, fight Mountaineers. I now dub thee a Mountaineer!